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Campaign Properties

+$3 per keyword (one-time payment)

Google Ads

Google Ads, search and content

Facebook Ads

Facebook Post promoting and Facebook Ads.

YouTube Ads

+$350 ( 30 second animated ad creation ) one time fee.

Bing Ads

Bing search and content ads

LinkedIn Ads

linked in content and ads

Twitter Ads

twitter post promoting and ads

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Ads Design

+$40 per design / Size

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Your Ad Budget

How much are you ready to spend on ads. 10% of our revenue is standard for most businesses.


+ $100/month managing costs


+ $130/month managing costs


+ $250/month managing costs

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What is your primary target?

Increase Online Sales

E-comerce websites or online service-oriented companies.

Get More/Better Leads

For businesses that use websites for lead generation.

Consumer Recognition

For websites created to support the brand or to tell more about the company.

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Other Services

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Final Ad Management Cost

The final estimated Ad management fee is :



Discount :
Total :/month

Secure Payments

All our payments are processed via PayPal or Stripe. You do not need a PayPal account and we do not store any payment card details on our website.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden costs, setup or termination fees attached to our SEO packages. All our plans are clear. We do not charge for any additional services.

No outsourcing

Our team do not outsource any of SEO services outside. We prefer to be in control of all processes in-house and deliver the best quality in a long run.